Jeffrey Carbillet: Blog showing what’s happening during every seabird fieldwork season Kajakas project | Dive into the mysteries of seagulls and science



Jeffrey Carbillet: Board game related to the different events happening during the breeding season of a Common gull. Click here to learn more about the game

Randel Kreitsberg: GLOBE Estonia Learning Expedition 2023: students’ microplastic project.

Jürgen Karvak: Facebook page about river and stream related topics. Click here to look the page (Estonian language).


Randel Kreitsberg: Winter Fieldwork: The North Sea and the Baltic Sea. (UT Blog)



Randel Kreitsberg: Seagrass-beds act as hotspots for accumulated microplastic. (Research in Estonia)


Ciara Baines: Links between pollution and cancer in wild animals: what can we learn? (EurekAlert)


Tuul Sepp: Light pollution disturbs the digestion of birds. (Research in Estonia)  

2020 - earlier

Randel Kreitsberg: Do fish get cancer? (Research in Estonia)

Tuul Sepp: 2019 L’Oréal Baltic For Women in Science Laureate in Estonia.  

Randel Kreitsberg: Who is living in the depths of the North Sea? (Research in Estonia)


Tuul Sepp: How does childhood stress influence the life of chicks?


Richard Meitern: Measuring oxidative stress may help to understand health and disease. (Research in Estonia)


Tuul Sepp: Birds with poor digestion are literally off colour. (The Economist)  


Randel Kreitsberg: Survey: Tallinn and Muuga Bay polluted, fish stocks in bad condition. (Estonian Public Broadcasting News)